3 steps to a website service for professionals, start-ups and SME's

In early 2017, I sat in on yet another “web development” meeting with a trusted web developer, and client whose schedule was tight and budget a little tighter.

It was the moment I realised the “traditional web development” process just didn’t work for many small business people, they neither had the time, money or knowledge to engage with it.

Surely there had to be a way to provide a fast, cost-effective path to building great websites for small businesses, start-ups and professionals - without them having to do it all themselves.

Back in the meeting… the client whose small business had a great proposition, reputation and growth potential, had asked for clarification on some web-tech double talk, why the clock was still running, and why more code had to be written / tested etc, etc, etc.

He was confused and frustrated.

Together we had developed a new visual identity, clear messaging, had plenty of recent success in the media to drive interest, but urgently needed the website completed.

More tech’ speak followed…

From that moment I set out to do things differently.

When we need to upgrade a mobile phone, we don’t create one from scratch, we buy the latest, best version of what is on offer, for us, our business and our budget, install the applications we need, then move on.

No more reinventing the wheel then (or those web development meetings).

Step 1. The idea. Using the very best applications, and website template platforms available, would mean by-passing the “web developers”, and fast-tracking the website build process, and getting our clients to market faster.

Step 2. So our journey began.

First, research and test the best website template platforms. Top of our wish list was cost, creativity, speed of build and delivery. After that, the choice each offered, the reliability and scalability of each service. We then settled on the best options for our future clients.

Step 3. Marry up affordable website building with our digital marketing and content expertise to help professional, SME and start-up clients to digitally market themselves.

By keeping it simple, we have made a critical - often time consuming and expensive - part of the digital marketing process affordable and easy to use for professionals, start-ups and SME’s.

Stephen Francis, founder, tgc london